Nature notes and a record of species recorded from in and around Felbrigg Park.

Monday, 21 April 2014


Highlight of a walk down to the lake today was this Redshank, only the third one I've ever recorded in the park, which dropped on to the flooded meadow during a shower. It was initially chased around by the resident Lapwings but they eventually settled down and allowed it to feed unharassed.

The Green Sandpiper was again present with it landing on the water meadow for a few minutes too before flying off again, but for once lingered long enough for me to get a record shot of it.
On most visits now there is a flock of Sand Martins feeding over the lake, with a few perching on the fence today during one of the showers to enable me to get a nice close-up pic of one of them.
The first sign of successful breeding was evident today with this female Mallard and her 9 ducklings.

Butterfly-wise the first Large White of the year was seen, along with Orange-tip, Peacock and Comma.